Tumanyan Թումանյան

Lori Marz, Armenia

Լոռու մարզ, Հայաստան

Tumanyan: Where fairy tales and legends are born. #TumanyanTown

Tumanyan Matchbox Label Museum

Thousands of interesting and fun matchbox label designs to enjoy, spanning many countries, themes and time periods. Guests love this unexpected little feast for the eyes. Free entrance during regular operating hours (Tu-Su 14:00-18:00). Call for an appointment to visit any other time - for a small fee.


Tumanyan Bathhouse Hostel

The first hostel in the stunning Debed River Gorge is in Tumanyan's old bathhouse building. Dorm rooms and private rooms, shared bathroom and kitchen / lounge, plus games and hiking tips. Come and enjoy the atmosphere, views and community! Contact us and book at TumanyanHostel.com


Flying Samovar Cafe

Flying Samovar Cafe opened in 2022! Have a drink or light fare at Tumanyan's cozy little cafe in the town square. Named in honor of the retro 'Sputnik Samovar' on display at the cafe, with a collection of Armenian themed posters from around the world, and a large collection of Soviet-era retro clocks from the Yerevan Clock Factory.


Debed River Rafting

If you love mountain river rafting, there are a couple of companies operating rafting in the Debed river, going right past Tumanyan! We have no ties to the rafting companies but we recommend you look some up and give them a try.

Tumanyan Hiking Trails

Hike through the stunning scenery of the Debed and Marts canyons, to gems like Kobayr, Horomayr, and Bardzrakash Monasteries, Odzun's 7th century church, Tsater Cliffside Chapel, Tumanyan's birth house-museum, Alaverdi or to Tsover Lake. Countless trails have been around for centuries, though few know about them other than locals.

Abastan Artists Community

The old schoolhouse of Tumanyan, which was converted into a textile factory during Soviet times, is once again being reborn as a large artists community. Expect to see great art, culture and classes coming from this important project. Visit www.abastan.space for more information.


Free Walking Tour of Tumanyan

Get the free app and take a free walking tour of Tumanyan (also web accessible), going on a fascinating journey of discovery based on many oral histories collected from people in the town by residents of Abastan. The first thing you may learn is that even though the name changed about 70 years ago, locals still use the original name of Dzaghidzor more often than not!

Tumanyan English Library

Coming soon! Thousands of books in English to borrow and read while you relax and rejuvenate in Tumanyan. Smaller international and Armenian collections as well.

Tumanyan International Storytelling Festival

The town of Tumanyan is home to Armenia's first international storytelling festival, reconnecting contemporary audiences with the rich heritage and tradition of storytelling. The 2023 Festival is slated for August 25-27. Visit the website for for more information. 


Tumanyan Foundation

Visit our office in the Tumanyan English Library to say hi. If you'd like to volunteer in Tumanyan on one of our projects, please send us a message and let us know about yourself.

Mejlis Institute

Our friends at the Mejlis Institute offer a wide array of workshops and classes, from music to language to other fields. Follow their Facebook page to see what opportunities there are to come to Tumanyan and expand your horizons while spending time in incredible nature. mejlisinstitute.org

Tumanyan Bat Houses

Many species of bats eat a large number of insects each night, including mosquitoes. We plan to start production of bat houses for sale which you can install in your garden or community.

Tumanyan Weather

We have installed our own weather station in Tumanyan in order to have the most accurate information possible. See the current and past conditions here: https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/ITUMAN1