Lori Marz, Armenia

Tumanyan: Where fairy tales and legends are born.

Tumanyan Matchbox Label Museum

Coming Spring 2021! Countless interesting and fun matchbox label designs to enjoy, spanning many countries and decades. Free entrance.

Debed River Rafting

If you love mountain river rafting, try the daily tours of rafting on Debed with rafting.am Armenia. Rafting.am tours is a social enterprise by Armenian Young Women’s Association and NURIK Travel.

Tumanyan Hiking Trails

Hike through the stunning scenery of the Debed and Marts canyons, to gems like Kobayr, Horomayr, and Bardzrakash Monasteries, Odzun's 7th century church, Tsater Cliffside Chapel, Tumanyan's birth house-museum, or to Tsover Lake.

Soviet Barbershop

Check out this Soviet barbershop time capsule while you're in Tumanyan. And if you need a trim or a shave, have a seat and enjoy the experience. +374-77-908-676

Flying Samovar Cafe

Coming soon! Have a drink or light fare at Tumanyan's cozy little cafe in the town square. Named in honor of the retro 'Sputnik Samovar' on display at the cafe.

Tumanyan Bathhouse Hostel

Coming soon! The first hostel in the stunning Debed River Gorge is in Tumanyan's old bathhouse building. Come and enjoy the atmosphere, views and community.

Tumanyan English Library

Coming soon! Thousands of books in English to borrow and read while you relax and rejuvenate in Tumanyan. Smaller international and Armenian collections as well.

Tumanyan Schoolhouse Hotel

Coming sooner or later.

Tumanyan Bat Sanctuary

If you pay attention you'll see that this bat sanctuary town has little bat houses placed around town. You can watch them fly out at dusk to eat mosquitoes and bugs.